Celebrating Naturally Namibia’s Social Media Guru

Aug 15, 2023 | Naturally Namibia

The spotlight of this newsletter edition shines on Petra Granse, the creative genius behind Naturally Namibia’s social media posts.

Petra is a true Namibian, born in Maltahöhe, a rural village in southern central Namibia with a population of only 6,000 residents. It is located near the Swartrand escarpment, approximately 110 km west of Mariental in the Hardap Region.

Petra grew up on her family’s Guest Farm Swartfontein and that was her introduction to the hospitality industry. Growing up in such a rugged and untamed environment, young Petra was quite the adventurous child, learning to drive a vehicle at the tender age of six.

She was also immersed in knowledge about the local flora, fauna, and wildlife from a very young age. It’s clear that her surroundings had a profound impact on her.

So much so that when the time came for her to attend Boarding School, which was a six-hour drive away in Windhoek, she made such a fuss that she managed to delay her first-grade year until she was seven, all to stay on the farm.

Petra Granse Naturally Namibia

Petra´s heart still belongs to Namibia

As Petra matured, she began to yearn for city life. After completing her schooling, she set off to Boland College in Stellenbosch to pursue a degree in Hotel Management. However, her path took an unexpected turn, leading her to spend 18 years in Zurich, frequently traveling between Zurich and Amsterdam for work commitments.

Despite her time abroad, Petra´s heart still belongs to Namibia, and she visits her homeland at least three times a year to reconnect with her family, besides getting her daily dose of home via doing the Naturally Namibia social media posts.

Petra Granse Naturally Namibia

Beyond epic – Namibia´s desert & coast

“After 18 years in Zurich, when I tell people I am going home, they know exactly what I am talking about. Namibia holds my heart and soul and when you are away, all you want to do is share your passion for it with everyone,” Petra says proudly.

Her favorite place in Namibia is the Spreetshoogte Pass, where she is captivated by the energy and light it exudes. Ongava is a close second. The Spreetshoogte Pass, connecting the Namib Desert with the Khomas Hochland, is in the immediate vicinity of the farm where Petra grew up.

Petra Granse Naturally Namibia Reel

„Let’s protect our precious“: Video created by Petra at Ongava

People call her from far and wide asking for suggestions for a Namibian trip and with her involvement with Naturally Namibia, she has loads of advice to offer them.

Now she is in the planning stages of creating “Petra’s Finest’, a company that will import a range of Namibian products to the overseas market.
“Working with Naturally Namibia is an absolute delight and pleasure and I love seeing home everyday and promoting it!” she says.

Thanks for all your passion and hard work Petra from the Naturally Namibia family.

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