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At sunrise, in the world’s oldest desert, witness a spectacular hot air balloon inflation, and set out on the flight of a lifetime.

Time to tick that ‘Bucket List’ dream. Situated in the heart of one of the most fascinating landscapes in Namibia, awaits a photographer’s dream. Truly the best way to experience the heart of the world’s oldest desert is with a hot air balloon safari.

Soar with the winds over the oceans of sand and mountains, combined with endless vistas of shadows and lights. Your destination?

Namib Sky-Balloon Safaris

The Sossusvlei dunes or the splendour of the desert. At landing, you come back to earth with an “Out Of Africa” style Champagne breakfast set up in the middle of nowhere.

Namib Sky Balloon Safaris
Namib Sky Balloon Safaris
Namib Sky Balloon Safaris
Namib Sky Balloon Safaris
Namib Sky Balloon Safaris

Your journey of a lifetime will also help Namib Sky’s Namib Sky Community School programme, which enables local kids to reach new heights themselves.

The sky is the limit

Namib Sky Community School is a free Early Childhood Development Centre and lower primary school in Sossusvlei, Namibia. Education is a basic human right, but out in the desert, isolated from towns and cities without public transport, that human right is hard to fulfill.

With tourism on the rise, the local community is rapidly growing and the need for education and other services are on the rise. Namib Sky Community School is focused on providing free, quality education and a well-balanced nutrition plan to previously disadvantaged children of preschool and lower primary. Visit website

Amazing experience!

What an experience!!! This is a MUST DO if you come to Namibia. Don’t let the early start put you off these guys are amazing. Our pilot Denis was brilliant. The whole thing start to finish was a once in a lifetime experience. DO NOT MISS THIS!

Simon, Passenger with Namib Sky Balloon Safaris

Once in a life time experience!!

Breathtaking, soothing, a unique experience! Very professional team of super friendly people. Fantastic breakfast in an idyllic setting. A visit to the Namib desert without a hot air balloon ride with “Namib Sky Balloon Safaris” is not complete!!! We recommend it to everyone!!

Geert & Sabine, Passengers with Namib Sky Balloon Safaris

Pure magic!

Completely professional and very friendly, helpful staff. The flight (and champagne breakfast) in such a stunning, unspoilt scenery – the experience of a lifetime! Highly, highly recommended!

Hermann, Passenger with Namib Sky Balloon Safaris

Wow - a five star experience from beginning to end!

Lenny our pilot gave clear instruction on landing procedure and then we took off. There is nothing like it- amazing views over the Namib desert. I can say no more. Then to top it all off a champagne breakfast in the middle of the desert – an unbeatable experience! Thank you!

Suzi, Passenger with Namib Sky Balloon Safaris

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The sky is the limit

The sky is the limit

Namib Sky goes above and beyond just taking flight above the desert. Working together with about 25 people (ground crew & catering team) and four pilots, the family business started in 1991 by Eric and Nancy, has now been carried on to the second generation, Denis...

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