Home-style Haven joins the Naturally Namibia Family

Jan 18, 2024 | Nooishof

Marc and Mariza Pampe do not require much of an introduction, they are well-known legends in the tourism industry and the Founders of The Mushara Collection and the Spirit of Mushara.

You would hopefully have seen from our last newsletter that after Marc and Mariza spent over two decades shaping and molding the Mushara Collection into what it is today, they finally decided to head off on a new adventure and handed the running and management of The Mushara Collection into the capable hands of Johan and Jennifer Fourie, working in collaboration with the dedicated General Manager, Mika Shapwanale, who has been an integral part of the Mushara family for many years.

Guest Farm Nooishof

Timeless beauty of the Southern Namibian Wilderness

Whilst Marc, at his admittance, was looking forward to a rather more subdued and serene life and times in the Sinclair Nature Reserve, a 25.000 ha nature reserve, between the Tiras Mountains and the Namib Desert in a farmhouse with wide open plains, mountains, and desert-adapted wildlife, Mariza had other plans. This is where the plan of creating Nooishof, a home-style haven in the Sinclair Nature Reserve was born.

Guest Farm Nooishof

A home-style haven in the Sinclair Nature Reserve

“Nooishof is Mariza’s idea. To move to the Sinclair Nature Reserve was my dream. However life happens whilst you making plans as they say and for Mariza, Sinclair was too quiet and “too far from it all”, so we had to compromise. If we were going to do this, Mariza would agree only if we could make something special there.

“The initial idea was to renovate the existing rooms and the Ouma house on Farm Sinclair. Farm Sinclair used to be a guest farm in the heart of the Sinclair Nature Reserve. Once we started to use the hammer, we could not stop. As a whole, the buildings were stable but once you took a bit of that old stability away, it all came down on its own. Out of what was meant to be a “small renovation” project, evolved something far greater.”

Guest Farm Nooishof

The spacious farm house provides a haven for relaxation

Located on the C27, 60km northwest of Helmeringhausen, Sinclair Nature Reserve is all about wide open spaces, beautiful scenery and magical colours. With only 4 rooms, Nooishof is ideal for offering personalized service and splendid exclusivity.

The Sinclair Nature Reserve is easily accessible from the C27 by a 3km farm road, or by plane using the private landing strip.

Guest Farm Nooishof

Thoughtfully crafted luxury suites

The 4 beautifully appointed suites are extremely comfortable and perfect to compensate for the fickle desert weather when needed, with an air con and a ceiling fan on the hot summer days and wood-fired stove fires for the cold winter nights.

Guest Farm Nooishof

Mariza Pampe will prepare unfussy, delicious culinary creations

Mariza will prepare unfussy, delicious culinary creations with their home-grown organic mouth-watering produce. One can explore the natural wonders that surround the area through e-biking, walks, and nature drives that will create unforgettable moments at this home-style haven.

Nooishof is the perfect place for Self-Drives on the way from the south to Sossusvlei and for those wishing to experience a world of tranquility and the incredible landscapes of Southern Namibia.

For bookings or more info please contact reservations@nooishof.com. For high resolution pictures and factsheets, please click visit the Agent Portal on our website and view Info & Resources.