Mola Mola Safaris joins the Naturally Namibia family

Dec 1, 2022 | Mola Mola Safaris

With great pleasure and pride, we welcome Mola Mola Safaris and Pieter and Lieschen to the Naturally Namibia family!

This wonderful new addition to the group adds yet another unique and bespoke offering to our “arrows in the quiver” that Naturally Namibia offers guests visiting our beautiful country.

For those that might not know, the term ‘Mola Mola’ refers to the Ocean Sunfish. Their modern scientific name Mola was coined by Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus in the 1700s. Linnaeus noted that when they basked in the sun, they looked like large, grey millstones – “mola” in Latin.

Sunfish are also endless record-breakers. They are the largest bony fish – the biggest one ever weighed over 2.7 tons, growing to over 3m long and 4m from fin to fin! Plus, one might just see a Mola Mola on their incredible tours.

Just like all the Naturally Namibia members, Mola Mola has risen to the top as a Family-run business and their passion and panache while always looking for blue ocean as far as offerings that combine surf, sea, sand and sky.

Launched in 1995 by Neels Dreyer, Mola Mola has a long and successful history on the Namibian coast. In 2009, the Pretorius family continued the adventure, with Lieschen and Pieter acquiring full ownership a few years later.

Pieter and Lieschen Pretorius from Mola Mola

Lieschen and Pieter from Mola Mola

They grew the business from just being a boat-touring business to what it is now. Mola Mola offers sea kayaking, beach braai’s, boat trips with dolphins and seals, 4X4 dune adventures, and a host of other bespoke packages, depending on what each crew of guests prefers. They can tailor-make experiences depending on the Namibian dreams and imagination of each group.

Since 1995 Mola Mola has been pioneering & sharing the best experiences on sand & sea

Since 1995 Mola Mola has been pioneering & sharing the best experiences on sand & sea

One of their most popular offerings is the “Mola Mola Day”. An exclusive Mola Mola Experience! This is a dolphin cruise, beach landing, beach Braai (barbeque) and Sandwich Harbour 4×4 experience. The Mola Mola Day allows one to enjoy all the best experiences in one epic day! This includes the Atlantic Ocean, the beach at Pelican Point sand Peninsula, an amazing lunch location and the ancient, magnificent dunes of Sandwich Harbour in the Namib Sand Sea (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Dolphin cruise, beach landing, Beach Braai (barbeque) and Sandwich Harbour 4x4 experience

Dolphin cruise, beach landing, Beach Braai (barbeque) and Sandwich Harbour 4×4 experience

Then they have the half-day 5-hour new Mola Mola cruise with an extra flair for lunch. Accompanied by dolphins, seals, pelicans, whales, fresh oysters, sparkling wine and a beach braai (barbeque) on Pelican Point Peninsula. Having reached the splendor of the Namibian Skeleton coast, this five-hour activity allows guests to experience the amazing riches of the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful cuisine, while enjoying the adventure of a fun and friendly cruise in their specialised catamarans.

Kayaking amongst the seals.

Kayaking amongst the seals

“We absolutely love what we do’ says Pieter, “We do not use the word Tourism anymore, we are in the “Experience Delivery Industry” which we are very excited to be part of. Giving people experiences for a lifetime is a privilege. We are extremely happy to be part of Naturally Namibia and know this is a wonderful time, place and the perfect people for us to keep evolving in sharing our beautiful, Naturally, Namibia.”