A thrilling day with Mola Mola Safaris

Mar 25, 2024 | Mola Mola Safaris

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with Mola Mola Safaris in Namibia, as Catherine Dinsdale takes you through a thrilling day of marine wonders, sumptuous beach braai, and exhilarating 4×4 dune rides. Discover why this unique safari experience is a must for travelers seeking both relaxation and excitement.

Mola Mola Safaris

Since 1995 Mola Mola Safaris have been showing thousands of people the exquisite marine life, scenery, and Namibian hospitality that this part of the world is famous for.

We were going on a full-day adventure, firstly a catamaran boat cruise to see the spectacular array of marine life in this area, then a lunchtime beach braai, and an afternoon in a 4×4 surfing through the magnificent sand dunes of Sandwich harbour. I had no idea what to expect, but it sounded like an amazing and unforgettable day was ahead of us.

Mola Mola Safaris Marine Dolphine Cruise. Photo: Donald Boyd

Mola Mola Safaris Marine Dolphine Cruise. Photo: Donald Boyd

On water

We joined our crew and fellow adventurers of many nationalities for the trip at the bustling harbour and boarded our catamaran, which was spacious and modern with plenty of room for people both up top and on the main deck. Leaving the shore with blue sky above us, and the warm sun on our faces, was already exhilarating. We hadn’t even left the harbour walls before being followed by a number of the magnificent great white pelicans with beautiful long yellow beaks and huge wings, locals jokingly call them “The Namibian Air Force” because of their size. Absolutely stunning, two of them swooped onto the deck and sat there quite happily basking in the sea breeze and the adoration of the boat guests! Like everywhere we travelled to in Namibia, the bird life was abundant and varied – grey herons, cormorants, and on the distant shoreline the pink hue of impossibly delicate-looking flamingos.

Boat Cruise along the beach of Pelican Point. Photo: Pieter Pretorius

Boat Cruise along the beach of Pelican Point. Photo: Pieter Pretorius

Out we sailed passing the black and white lighthouse, thus painted to increase visibility, and arrayed along the promontory were literally thousands of seals in individual colonies. These cape fur seals are cold-water mammals, diving and frolicking without a care, the mothers and babies calling to each other – a magnificent sight. No dolphins today, but at other times you may very well have them joining the party too. It had been the most fabulous morning, our captain was knowledgeable and fun, providing lots of interesting information to the many nationalities on board.

The beach braai

I have to admit, I was really looking forward to this and it definitely didn’t disappoint. We stepped from the boat onto the uninhabited beach at Pelican Point to be greeted by a friendly face offering a very much-appreciated glass of sparkling wine. Everything was beautiful, a long table shaded with an awning, a crisp white tablecloth, and well-placed flowers providing stylish splashes of colours. A platter of fresh Namibian oysters, harvested only hours earlier from the Walvis Bay Oyster beds, was very much enjoyed. They were probably the freshest and certainly the tastiest oysters we had ever tasted. These were followed by grilled Namibian crayfish, beef fillet, all cooked in front of us on the braai, and sublime salads. Another glass of wine or beer, and it was becoming increasingly hard to drag ourselves away from the many pleasures of this romantic setting.

Beach Barbecue on Pelican Point Peninsula

Beach Barbecue on Pelican Point Peninsula

On land

We had more to look forward to though and climbed into the waiting Land Rovers setting off for an afternoon of high-octane excitement. We drove south along the beach across Donkeys Bay, waves breaking and showing why this is now one of the top three surfing spots in Africa with the longest continuous break in the world. We stopped to admire the sight and some of the group clambered up one of the many sand dunes to get a better view. These are the highest dunes facing the sea in the world.

Mola Mola Safaris Sandwich Harbour 4x4

Mola Mola Safaris Sandwich Harbour 4×4

Up, up into another world of sand dunes, dazzling against the never-ending blue of the sky. Our journey took us to the very top, and we clambered out to gaze down at the beauty of Sandwich Harbour, a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s a former port that used to service the 18th and 19th-century whaling ships which sailed down this coast but is now uninhabited. There is a real beauty to driving up and over the sand dunes, the stark ridges, and the sharp edges of the sea meeting the land. Driving down the steep dunes in the 4*4 was controlled madness, unbelievably exhilarating, and laugh-out-loud fun. At the bottom we were certainly ready for the sundowners – gin and tonics and snacks – served up by the guides. We reached the bottom and drove back to the real world of Walvis Bay and the end of a fabulous day.

An unforgettable experience

It had been one day full of so many things that were memorable in isolation, put together they made the Mola Mola Safaris experience that was entirely unforgettable. The Mola Mola guides were experts in the area, the history, and the birds, mammals and animals that inhabit this beautiful coastline. So many world firsts and a beautiful combination of “water, beach, land, and sky” all in one day.

By Catherine Dinsdale www.luxuriate.life